This project was located in the GO95 heavy and known local wind 85mph zones. This location involved many long-span valley crossings, variable and challenging terrains, transmission crossings, and urban neighborhoods. The distribution poles experienced relatively high transverse loads due to the heavy loading criteria. The design was challenging from a constructability point of view due to the highly variable terrain. Many of the locations required helicopter sets and therefore, special consideration had to be given to constructability, since many poles required deeper embedments. Environmental and easement constraints also needed to be considered.


As a result of our analysis, 35 total structures were replaced as part of this FiRM project utilizing 1/0 ACSR covered conductor. Several structures also housed Voltage regulators and additional seismic structural analyses were performed. Due to the additional loads with the covered conductor as well as being in GO 95 heavy zone, the structures experienced heavy loads and constructability was a big concern throughout the design. Structure classes up to H4 were used for this project.