Mike Khavari, P.E.

Principal Engineer

Mike Khavari has 40 years of experience in the design and analysis of new and existing lattice and tubular steel structures. Mr. Khavari has been involved with research and full-scale testing of various types of steel transmission structures.

He serves on the following ASCE Manual and Standard Committees: Design of Latticed Steel Transmission Structures: ASCE Standard 10-97, Design of Steel Transmission Pole Structures: ASCE Standard 48-11, Substation Structures Design Guide: ASCE Manuals and Reports on Engineering Practice No. 113, Design of Guyed Electrical Transmission Structures: ASCE Manuals and Reports on Engineering Practice No. 91.

In 1991, Mr. Khavari started, ASEC Inc., an engineering consulting company specializing in the design and analysis of various types of transmission, communication and substation structures.  In 1993, he started the North American Pole Corporation (NAPCO), a tubular steel manufacturing facility from the ground up. NAPCO is a manufacturer of tubular steel structures. An iconic structure manufactured by NAPCO is the famous mouse head steel tower located at the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Kate Khavari


Katherine Khavari has worked in the power delivery industry for over 25 years. During this period Ms. Khavari has assisted project managers in various ongoing projects, monitored budgets, timelines, accounting and banking matters as well as business development.

As the CEO, she is responsible for all financial matters, as well as business development for the company. She works with the President to execute the Board’s directives as well as working with client’s procurement departments to acquire master service agreements. In general she is responsible for the overall health and function of the company.

Landon Schulze, P.E.


Landon Schulze has worked exclusively in the power delivery industry performing detailed structural design of transmission lines, distribution lines, and transmission & substation structures. Mr. Schulze’s early experience was as a consultant performing detailed EPC projects.

Mr. Schulze continued his experience serving utilities and leading project execution work on large EPC style 345kV double circuit lattice tower design projects.

In 2017, Mr. Schulze joined ASEC as a project manager and moved on to become President of ASEC Inc leading the company in program and project management, business development, internal employee professional development, and budget and goal setting for the company.

He is an expert in Transmission Line Routing & Design, Foundation Design, Structure Design, Conductor Analysis, and Geotechnical Report Analysis. He is also skilled in the creation of Proposal & Construction Work Scope Packages, Creation of Standards & Work Procedures. He has lead professional trainings and served as an Owner’s Engineer on work for large investor owned utilities.

Gokul Narayanan, P.E.

Director of Operations

Gokul Narayanan is an experienced transmission and distribution line engineer with 15 years of design experience in the power delivery industry, including experience in program management for multiple clients across the country.

Not only has he produced entire engineering and construction packages for various lines ranging from 15kV to 345kV, but also has experience with construction management, inspections, and with working alongside EPC teams.

He has mentored various engineers during his tenure who are now successful transmission line engineers and leaders in the field.

Pankaj Deshmukh, P.E.

Director of International Operations

Mr. Deshmukh has extensive experience in analysis and design of lattice transmission towers. He has successfully designed and tested several lattice transmission towers including the world’s first double circuit guyed Y structure.

He has performed work for several major utilities including SDC&E, PG&E, SCE, Oncor, Ameren and CenterPoint Energy. He has extensive knowledge of lattice tower manufacturing processes and full-scale tower testing.

Mr. Deshmukh is experienced in GO95, ASCE, and NESC safety codes and is competent in several software programs including PLS-CADD, TOWER, SAP2000, STAAD Pro, AutoCAD, 3D AutoCAD, MATLAB and MS Project.

He is an expert in nonlinear finite element modeling and analysis of extra high voltage transmission structures including lattice steel and steel pole structures, and design of foundations for transmission lines and substations.

Terry Burley, P.E.

Principal Engineer

Mr. Burley has extensive experience in establishing design criteria, designing latticed steel transmission structures, substation structures and foundations. He has imparted technical recommendations to other engineers and managers at the Corporate Service Office for the Western Area Power Administration’s four regional operation and maintenance facilities (16,000 miles of transmission lines & 150 substations).

He has written and maintained Western Construction Standards for civil/structural portions of transmission lines and substations. He designed Western’s first transverse internal frames for latticed towers. These frames change four-legged 230-kV suspension towers to six-legged
345-kV suspension towers.

Mr. Burley has also initiated development of project and standard specifications for constructing Western facilities and purchasing outdoor electrical equipment. He came up with the Western’s seismic qualification criteria for outdoor electrical equipment which included response spectra analysis and shake table testing. He investigated the development of seismic mitigation program for existing Western facilities.

In 2014 Mr. Burley retired from WAPA and began consulting with ASEC as a Subject Matter Expert and Principal Engineer.