Transmission & Distribution Design

Design and analysis utilizing PLS-CADD software to the most recent codes and standards of our clients. Performing services from concept through construction from 4kV to 500kV.

Structural Design

Existing and new lattice tower and engineered steel pole design and detailing services. Solving complex structural issues with cost effective client supported solutions.

Owner's Engineer

PLS-CADD Reporting, Material List Automation, and Automated Job Package Generation.

Program Management

Understanding the client's needs and providing a holistic solution including project management, administrative duties, technical expertise, QA/QC, and financial forecasting and planning.

Foundation Design

Detailed engineering design of transmission line structure foundations ranging from drilled piers, spread footings, pipe piles, steel grillages, and micro piles.

Substation C/S Design

Design of all supporting substation structures above and below grade per ASCE and IEEE requirements.

Industry Trainings

Transmission Line or Structural trainings created specifically for a client's needs.