Project Management

500kV Structural Transmission Evaluation Program (STEP) Program


The purpose of the Structural Transmission Evaluation Program (STEP) is to give our client’s Transmission Asset Management a uniform and global view of the health of their 500kV transmission system as it relates to mean strength values derived from PLS-CADD’s Finite Element Analysis software.

Project Description

ASEC is managing the program wholly using internal resources from schedule development to monthly reporting and tools creation using POWER BI. Our client’s 500kV tower family is modeled using information from their GIS system, Structural Data Sheets and detail drawings of the 500kV lines and towers. LiDAR data will be used along with M4 models to accurately sag conductors and develop structure usages per program criteria.

Compliance Program Management


ASEC has been the primary consultant for this Compliance Management Project for our client over the last five years. The program consists of interfacing with various design & construction teams over the lifetime of a CMP project. ASEC fields each project, discusses appropriate design course with the client and with all the affected parties through permitting and construction phases of each project.

Project Description

The program consists of coordinating with various design & construction teams and ASEC actively manages internal and external teams. ASEC has achieved this by streamlining their QA/QC process and using state of the art reporting and management tools such as POWER BI, Smartsheet to not lose any connectivity between the different groups. We work on over 150 unique replacement packages per year and work hand-in-hand with our client to meet California’s regulatory compliance dates.