Transmission Line Loading Criteria

Professional Development Hours (1.0 PDHs) 

Tuesday October 24, 12pm MST

Join us for a training webinar as we explore technical details behind structure loading best practices for transmission assets. During this session, we will give a detailed overview of the latest governing codes, including ASCE 7, NESC-2023, and Manual 74-2020, and how recent changes to these codes affect design, construction, and maintenance protocols. Presented by ASEC Engineers’ President, Landon Schulze, P.E., this webinar is designed for civil/structural professionals in the power delivery sector looking for a structured update on current standards and practices. Professional Development Hours (1.0 PDHs) will be awarded to attendees.

“Training is a critical part of ASEC’s culture and identity as a leader in the power delivery industry. We are happy to share these skills
and knowledge with others within the industry and are excited to discuss recent changes to the loading criteria.”

Webinar Host: Landon Schulze, P.E., President of ASEC Engineers

Learning Objectives


  • Explore Relevant Transmission Structure Loading Design Codes
  • Stay Informed about Changes and Updates from Previous Versions of the Codes
  • Gain Proficiency in Applying Loading Criteria for NESC 250B, C, & D Loadings
  • Walkthrough Examples of Loading Criteria from ASCE Manual 74


This comprehensive course is designed to enhance your understanding of transmission structure loading design codes. Our expert presenters will guide you through the intricacies of these codes, ensuring you’re well-prepared to address the challenges of the industry.

Who Should Attend


  • New engineers looking to establish a strong foundation in the field
  • Experienced professionals seeking updates on the latest code changes and best practices


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