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Substation Engineering Capabilities

Our structural engineering team has vast experience in dealing with both above and below-grade substation project scopes. We are proficient in RISA-3O, STAAD.Pro, PLS-CADD, PLS-POLE, and TOWER. The substation engineering design team at ASEC has designed everything from Dead-End Take Off Structures to Hollow Structural Steel (HSS) support structures for rigid bus, switch stands, surge arrestors, lightning masts, and capacitor banks. We are also familiar with developing loading calculations utilizing IEEE 605 and lightning protection analysis utilizing IEEE 998.

ASEC has also designed unique tapered tubular substation structures when HSS shapes are no longer feasible. We are also well versed in drilled pier and direct-embed foundations utilizing MFAD, LPILE, or PLS-CAISSON software. Additionally, ASEC has engineered traditional mat and spread footing foundations utilizing hand calculations and STAAD Foundation Advanced software for more complex substation engineering designs.

ASEC is committed to maintaining its reputation as a provider of engineering services. To ensure consistent customer satisfaction, ASEC has established a quality management system certified to ISO 9001-2015 that identifies risk, improves processes, and creates quality products and services.