Transmission Design

With over 30 years of unparalleled expertise in transmission line engineering, ASEC leads the way in comprehensive line design, analysis, and unique structural solutions.  Our engineers specialize in everything from new line design to customized construction packages, with a proven track record for systems ranging from 69kV all the way to 765kV.

Distribution Design

Whether it’s overhead or underground, ASEC has experience in providing innovative solutions all the way from the source to the customer. With a focus on reliability, client compliance, wildfire mitigation, and advanced mapping integration, we offer comprehensive and tailored solutions for today’s toughest challenges.

Substation Design

ASEC’s substation engineering team stands at the forefront of power delivery, offering turnkey solutions for everything from high-voltage switching stations to rural distribution centers. With over three decades of specialized experience, we provide comprehensive services from design to execution, navigating complex regulatory landscapes and delivering tailored solutions that position us as your all-in-one provider in power delivery engineering.

Program Management

ASEC’s expertise in Owner’s Engineering & Program Management includes a comprehensive suite of capabilities in areas like quality control, design verification, vendor assessment, construction management, asset management, and personnel training.  With a sole focus in the Power Delivery sector, our experienced team of engineers and management professionals have the knowledge and dedication to ensure effective solutions for utilities of all sizes.

ASEC is committed to maintaining its reputation as a provider of engineering services. To ensure consistent customer satisfaction, ASEC has established a quality management system certified to ISO 9001 that identifies risk, improves processes, and creates quality products and services.