Initially founded to provide consulting engineering services for electrical transmission towers and poles, ASEC quickly gained a reputation for industry leading technical aptitude and utility friendly practical solutions. Over the years, this capability was complemented by adding full transmission engineering and design related project services. ASEC later boosted its capabilities by adding distribution engineering and design services to create a team that is well rounded and able to meet a variety of customer needs in the power delivery industry.

Our mission is to design aesthetically pleasing, highly efficient, and cost-effective power delivery solutions while integrating with system architectures of the past.

ASEC fulfills our mission by anticipating market changes, fostering innovation, developing people, and promoting a culture of excellence and positivity.


Encourage innovative engineering design through the development of our workforce.


Promote the highest level of quality and product for our customers through maintaining our ISO 9001 Certification.


Instill safety into all facets of our design process and culture through strict adherence to codes and stringent checks and balances.


Create a diverse workforce that reflects our standing as a minority and woman owned business.


Deliver the highest degree of service to our customers and give back to the community through philanthropy.

ASEC is proud to be a certified minority woman-owned business by the Supplier Clearinghouse for the Utility Supplier Diversity Program of the California Public Utilities Commission and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). At ASEC, we share a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness that guides the way we work and do business.

Our certification allows us to work with public and private sector organizations who support the concept of supplier diversity. These organizations care about leveling the playing field for smaller businesses throughout the country that are the backbone of our economy. By partnering with these certifying agencies, ASEC is working to expand the market opportunities of Minority Business Enterprises and Woman-Owned Business Enterprises and remove visible and invisible barriers to women’s advancement.

Mike Khavari, P.E.

Principal Engineer

Kate Khavari


Landon Schulze, P.E.


Gokul Narayanan, P.E.

Vice President

Pankaj Deshmukh, P.E.

Director of International Operations

Patrick Harkin, P.E., S.E.

Director of Engineering

Jonah Martin, P.E.

Director of Project Management

Stacie Robertson

Director of Human Resources & Talent Acquisition

Eric Altman

Director of Accounting and Finance

  1. Founded in 1991, ASEC specialized in the detailed design of transmission structures; lattice towers and steel poles.

  2. ASEC continued to be a leader in structural design; leading trainings and participating in professional engineering committees.

  3. ASEC added transmission line design and support services to complement the industry leading structural design group.

  4. ASEC added distribution design services to aid with underbuild designs and underground distribution designs.

  5. ASEC has expanded to four US based offices and an international office, housing full scale design and management services for all power delivery needs.

ASEC is committed to maintaining its reputation as a provider of engineering services. To ensure consistent customer satisfaction, ASEC has established a quality management system certified to ISO 9001-2015 that identifies risk, improves processes, and creates quality products and services.