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Transmission Engineering Capabilities

ASEC’s primary skillset is in detailed electric transmission engineering. ASEC performs complete line design and analysis using PLS-CADD and other support software. ASEC’s employees are experienced in new transmission line design, reconductoring and re-build projects, easement and clearance assessments/remediation packages, and designing new communication cables on existing transmission lines. ASEC has extensive knowledge of industry leading standards such as NESC, ASCE-74, and the G.O. 95 codes for line analysis and can offer solutions for unique line design problems. ASEC can provide standard or customized construction packages and provide support throughout the execution phase of the project including onsite support as needed.

In its over 30 years of experience, ASEC has provided Owner Engineer (OE) insight on transmission engineering design for utilities across the US. These OE roles have included on-site structural inspection and damage analysis, forensic engineering, and the implementation of quality control processes. Through leadership in the industry codes and standards activities, ASEC engineers are recognized as experts and valuable training resources. ASEC’s investment in the Power Delivery industry is proven by our willingness to train others (utility and consultants alike) and to present updated methods of analysis and design across the industry at conferences and conventions.

ASEC’s engineers have designed and detailed complete families of 138kV, 230kV, 345kV and 500kV lattice towers and tubular steel pole families as well as other unique and unusual structures. Many structures have been full-scale tested. ASEC can provide the needed supervIsIon and project management for any structure development project whether that be towers or poles.

ASEC is committed to maintaining its reputation as a provider of engineering services. To ensure consistent customer satisfaction, ASEC has established a quality management system certified to ISO 9001 that identifies risk, improves processes, and creates quality products and services.