The covered conductor program, a pivotal initiative within ASEC’s portfolio, is a vital component of the client’s Electric System Hardening (ESH) program. This ambitious undertaking encompasses a comprehensive transformation within the realm of electrical distribution infrastructure. The primary objective of this program is to undertake the complete replacement of all existing wood distribution poles, including their accompanying wood secondary and stub poles, with durable and resilient steel poles. In addition to this substantial pole replacement effort, the program also involves the installation of covered conductors, marking a significant advancement in the system’s design and performance. The covered conductor technology is a game-changer, enhancing system reliability and resilience in the face of adverse weather conditions. By implementing this advanced conductor solution, ASEC aims to elevate the efficiency and longevity of the client’s electrical system while reinforcing its commitment to sustainability and ensuring uninterrupted power supply to the communities it serves. This program exemplifies ASEC’s dedication to innovation, quality, and contributing to the enhancement of critical infrastructure in line with the ever-evolving demands of the modern world.


In addition to our ongoing efforts, ASEC has been making remarkable strides in expanding its footprint within the realm of distribution circuit projects. Currently, our dedicated team is focused on the successful installation of a covered conductor along a 13-mile segment, which involves the meticulous placement of approximately 250 utility poles. This endeavor showcases our commitment to delivering efficient and high-quality solutions for our clients. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. We are thrilled to announce that ASEC has secured another significant project in the same domain, one that encompasses approximately 520 utility poles. This new endeavor not only underscores our growing presence in the industry but also highlights the trust our clients place in us to execute complex projects with precision and excellence. As we embark on this new venture, our unwavering dedication to efficiency and quality remains at the forefront of our approach.

At ASEC, we are not just building infrastructure; we are forging partnerships, fostering innovation, and creating a brighter and more connected future for communities. Stay tuned as we continue to take on new challenges and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of electrical distribution.