Within the framework of a client’s Electric System Hardening initiative, ASEC has meticulously crafted more than 300 structures aimed at enhancing reliability. These structures predominantly featured Copper Wire components, which were subsequently upgraded to the more efficient Aluminum Wire, aligning with modern industry standards. Notably, certain segments of this project required expedited timelines due to code violations, which posed immediate safety concerns. This swift transition from Copper to Aluminum Wire not only advances the client’s reliability objectives but also addresses critical safety issues in a timely manner, demonstrating ASEC’s commitment to excellence in electrical system engineering and hardening efforts.


ASEC demonstrated unwavering commitment while adhering to the stringent deadlines set by the Public Utility Commission. They successfully provided high-quality deliverables for the system hardening project, ensuring it was completed within the specified timeframe. The task included designing wood-to-steel replacements at multiple sites, guided both by the added loads and program prerequisites. Furthermore, in cases where post-construction problems arose, such as excessive conductor tensions or the overuse of structures, ASEC’s design and engineering teams promptly devised comprehensive remediation plans. Their dedication, timely execution, and ability to address unforeseen issues underscored their exceptional performance in delivering results.