Foundation Design for the Power Delivery Sector

Professional Development Hours (1.0 PDHs) 

Tuesday April 9, 12pm MST

Join ASEC for an enlightening session on the latest trends and innovations in foundation design for power transmission and distribution infrastructure. Led by ASEC’s Director of Engineering, Patrick Harkin, PE, SE, this webinar will dive deep into modern foundation solutions that are pushing the boundaries of efficiency, sustainability, and reliability for foundation design engineering within power delivery systems.

“Having worked for both a utility and as a consultant, I am excited to share my unique insights into the evolving landscape of foundation design in the power delivery industry. This webinar will not only cover the technical aspects of the latest foundation solutions but also delve into real-world applications and the challenges we face in adapting these technologies to meet our infrastructure needs.”

Webinar Host: Patrick Harkin, PE/SE

Webinar Highlights


  • Overview of Foundation Design Philosophies and Foundation Types for Monopole and Tower Structures (Along with their Suitability)
  • Overview of Foundation Analysis Methods, Design Assumptions, and Driving Variables of Soil Strength
  • Lateral and Axial Behavior of Soils for Deep Foundations
  • Case study on Existing State Analysis
  • Live Q&A

What Will You Learn?


  • Discover Foundation Analysis Technologies: Learn about the latest advancements in foundation design, including Direct Embed, Drilled Pier, Vibratory Caisson, and Helical (Micro) Pile Foundations, and how they cater to diverse soil conditions and load requirements.
  • Insights into Foundation Analysis design assumptions and gain more understanding of how different technologies handle design inputs.
  • Expert-Led Case Studies: Patrick Harkin, PE, SE, will present case studies from recent ASEC projects, highlighting practical applications of these technologies in addressing complex challenges in foundation analysis.
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Have your specific questions answered during a live Q&A session. Engage with industry peers and experts for a collaborative learning experience.

Who Should Attend?


  • Civil and Structural Engineers
  • Transmission and Distribution System Planners and Engineers
  • Project Managers and Directors in the Power Delivery Sector
  • Students and Academics interested in Structural Engineering and Power Systems
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