ASEC was tasked with performing various services at the existing 138kV Lake Jackson substation in Lake Jackson, TX, for the client. The scope included the development of detailed grading plans for the substation, identifying the location of future trenches and foundations, determining the paving area and site grading, and modifying the drainage path to ensure proper water management.

The team also conducted a thorough review of the fence conditions at the substation and suggested modifications to meet the requirement for the substation’s operations. In addition, the team designed a detention pond that was the appropriate size and depth for the substation’s needs. ASEC also reviewed all engineering drawings related to the substation and checked the permit status to ensure that the substation complied with all local regulations.


ASEC organized a pre-bid meeting and met with vendors onsite to discuss the project. They then compared bids from different contractors and provided recommendations on which contractor would be the best fit for the project. Overall, ASEC provided comprehensive services that ensured that the substation was designed and built to meet all necessary safety and operational standards.