Lattice Tower Analysis

Professional Development Hours (1.0 PDHs) 

Tuesday June 18, 12pm MST

Training Seminar Overview

Lattice towers have been a cornerstone of transmission lines for over 120 years. However, engineers often face numerous questions: How do lattice towers differ from poles? How can results for thousands of members in a lattice tower be interpreted? How do forces flow through the tower’s members? How do damaged or missing members affect the tower’s capacity?

Join us for an insightful training seminar designed to demystify the complexities of lattice tower engineering. This global event is specifically crafted to address common misconceptions and provide clear guidance on avoiding common pitfalls during analysis.

Webinar Host: Pankaj Deshmukh

Pankaj Deshmukh brings over 15 years of expertise in designing lattice towers ranging from 69kV to 500kV across multiple countries. His portfolio includes pioneering designs such as the world’s first double circuit guyed Y structure and multiple river crossing structures, including a 600-foot (180-meter) tower, the tallest in North America. Pankaj excels in the analysis of existing structures, particularly those requiring complex assessments due to reduced capacities from structural damage or construction constraints. Additionally, he has extensive experience in the fabrication and construction of lattice towers. Pankaj has authored numerous papers and presented his research at prestigious conferences like TSDOS and SEI.

His notable publications include:

  • Vertical Limit – Fall Protection Challenges in Existing Transmission Structures – TSDOS 2023
  • Challenges in Analysis of 100-Year-Old River Crossing Structures – ASCE SEI 2022
  • The Cost of Climate Change on Transmission Infrastructure – TSDOS 2022
  • A Comparison of Lattice Tower Design using Stress Diagrams and Finite Element Analysis Methods – TSDOS 2021

“I am eager to share my expertise and insights on lattice tower analysis. This webinar will delve into the technical aspects and real-world applications, providing a comprehensive understanding of modern lattice tower solutions.”

Webinar Host: Pankaj Deshmukh

Who Should Attend?


  • Civil and Structural Engineers
  • Transmission and Distribution System Planners and Engineers
  • Project Managers and Directors in the Power Delivery Sector
  • Students and Academics interested in Structural Engineering and Power Systems

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Seminar Topics

Our session will cover a selection of the following topics:

1. What is a Lattice Tower and How is it Different from Tubular Steel Poles?

      • A detailed look at the various components that make up a lattice tower
      • Understanding the fundamental differences and applications of lattice towers versus tubular steel poles.

2. How to Analyze a Lattice Tower and Interpret the Results

      • An overview of the key codes and standards governing lattice tower design.
      • Techniques for effective analysis for interpreting the data specially for historical structures.

3. Wind Profiles: Wind on Face, Wind on All, NESC

      • How to correctly apply wind profiles in FEA software and account for correct section factors in TOWER.

4. Force Flow in a Lattice Tower and Redundant members

      • Understanding how forces are distributed and flow through a lattice tower.

5. Tower analysis during maintenance and repairs

      • Strategies to account for and manage the reduced capacity due to structural damage.