Mastering Transmission Line Design Criteria

Professional Development Hours (1.0 PDHs) 

Thursday January 25, 12pm MST

Join us for a training webinar as we explore the technical details and best practices in the preparation of the Transmission Line Design Criteria Document. During this session, we will present an overview of some of the latest developments and standards within our industry for designing transmission lines. This interactive webinar will be presented by Gokul Narayanan, P.E., Vice President of ASEC Engineers and is designed for civil/structural/electrical professionals in the power delivery sector looking for a structured overview and update of the current standards and best practices. Professional Development Hours (1.0 PDHs) will be awarded to attendees.

“Having just come back from the IEEE 2024 JTCM Conference, I am excited to be giving our industry partners some insights into the recent standard changes along with a technical overview on developing transmission line design criteria documentation. We here at ASEC are dedicated to the safety and reliability of the power delivery industry and look forward to serving and educating all those that are involved with keeping the lights on.”

Webinar Host: Gokul Narayanan, P.E., Vice President of ASEC Engineers

Webinar Highlights


  • Abstract: A comprehensive guide for creating a design criteria document for overhead transmission lines. This webinar does not focus on providing specific design criteria but emphasizes the importance of compiling and organizing necessary information for effective design.
  • Scope: The webinar will offer a template for line design engineers, assisting in gathering and structuring information for high voltage transmission lines (69 kV and above), as well as lower voltage lines.
  • Purpose: Our expert speaker will guide you through the process of developing a design criteria document, detailing the data, assumptions, standards, and methods used in transmission line design.

What Will You Learn?


  • Understanding the Framework: Learn how to structure a design criteria document effectively.
  • Criteria Analysis: Delve into the various criteria that are crucial for the design of transmission lines, and understand their significance.
  • Design Considerations: Gain insights into selecting appropriate criteria values based on location, ambient conditions, and the importance of the line.

Who Should Attend?


  • Engineers new to the field of power transmission seeking a foundational understanding of design criteria.
  • Seasoned professionals looking for a refresher or update on the latest methodologies and practices in transmission line design.

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