The client contracted ASEC to support them with civil engineering services for their, Substation Civil Engineering Program. Over the course of this engagement, ASEC worked on approximately, 80 substations across the client’s service area. For existing substations, tasks included developing overlay, drawings, identifying future trench and foundation locations, determining new paving areas, designing and, detailing expansion site grading, and modifying drainage paths to ensure proper water management. The, team also checked fence conditions and made updates as needed. For the new substations, ASEC created comprehensive development plans that included site grading design, design of detention ponds, reviewing engineering drawings, and checking state and local permitting status to, ensure compliance with all regulations. The team also organized pre-bid meetings, met with vendors onsite, and compared bids from different contractors to give recommendations to upper management.


ASEC provided valuable support to the client by ensuring that the substation civil engineering, portfolio was designed and built to meet all necessary safety and operational standards. Our skilled, engineers and project manager helped the client and its stakeholders to achieve its programmatic goals, and upgrade its substations efficiently.