ASEC undertook a meticulous project for a Central Texas Utility, focusing on the Supplier Conformance Assessments (SCA) of steel monopoles used in transmission line projects. The primary objective of this collaboration was to validate that both the fabrication and documentation of these monopoles adhered strictly to the provided drawings and established standards.

The process commenced with ASEC meticulously reviewing the initial design load and general arrangement drawings in conjunction with the fabricator’s fabrication drawings. This preliminary analysis was vital to ensure alignment with the utility’s standardized requirements for steel poles, including stipulations on material grade and climbing lug spacing, among other criteria.

After this review, an integral part of ASEC’s overall assessment was the on-site inspection of the fabricator’s facility. This inspection delved into the quality processes in place, tracking, and certification of welders, appropriate storage conditions for raw materials and finished products, and adherence to specific quality parameters such as welding temperatures. With the foundation set, ASEC transitioned to the “Black Steel Inspection.” At this stage, a thorough review of poles or structures at diverse stages of fabrication was undertaken. Crucial aspects, like final dimensional checks against fabrication drawings, a visual evaluation of welds by a certified inspector, and in-depth scrutiny of essential paperwork like material test reports, were diligently performed.

Once fabrication was complete, the poles were sent for galvanizing. ASEC’s responsibility was to ensure the immaculate finish and cleanliness of the galvanized surface, checking for defects and reviewing non-destructive testing (NDT) on baseplate welds. In the event of any discrepancies or issues, ASEC promptly submitted a Corrective Action Report (CAR) to the utility. The culmination of this extensive assessment was a comprehensive final report furnished to the utility, encapsulating all documentation, photographs, and sign-offs.