The client contracted ASEC to perform right-of-way studies for their new family of 138kV and 345kV transmission towers and poles. The right-of-way study was aimed to determine the minimum amount of land required to meet the clearances and comply with regulations safely. ASEC analyzed the conductor, tower, insulator, and span lengths to ensure that the transmission towers and poles were designed to meet the necessary clearances. The team at ASEC also used their expertise in construction of transmission line to determine the minimum right-of-way needed while accounting for maintenance and access road. The final report helped the client to determine the most cost-effective and efficient solution for ROW acquisition for new transmission tower projects.


ASEC’s right-of-way study played a critical role in the success of the transmission tower project. The team’s expertise and attention to detail ensured that the project met all the necessary safety requirements and regulations while also minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment. With their successful completion of the right-of-way study, ASEC demonstrated their commitment to delivering high-quality services.