When analyzing the existing configuration for compliance, it was found that the existing OH distribution span from Z317855 to the Northwest had clearance issues with street lights installed on the College Blvd. bridge. It appeared that these street lights were installed after the distribution conductor had been installed. Due to pole set location restraints(easement and environmental), the new pole had to beset in the same hole as the existing one. Additionally, due to a concrete apron and tight Army Corps of Engineers easement on the bike path, there was not enough space to install a foundation pole.


After exploring several different design options to remedy the distribution clearance issues, covered conductor with spacers was determined as the best solution. With this design, ASEC was able to reduce the blowout on the conductors and give extra clearance/protection against the streetlights. The physical conflict was eliminated with the spacers while the covered conductor allowed the phases to move within the preferred clearance envelope without electrical concerns.