ASEC undertook a pivotal project for a client, focusing on the design and detailing of new lattice towers. Commencing at the Gateway Substation, the transmission line stretches northwards for 13 miles, culminating at the Roxford Substation. ASEC’s role was comprehensive, requiring the design of four distinct structure types for this line. These varied structures, all lattice towers, had height ranges spanning from 105 feet to a towering 250 feet. These towers, specifically designed to support a double circuit 345kV, also featured two overhead ground wire positions and were built with a delta conductor configuration.

Detailing the project’s specifics, ASEC was responsible for the design of four types of structures:

Tangent Tower: Ranging from 105′ to 180′.
Running Angle Tower: From 120′ to 225′.
Light Dead End Tower: Stretching from 130′ to 250′.
Heavy Dead End Tower: Fixed at 135′.


A distinguishing feature of this project involved engineering challenges associated with two significant river crossings. ASEC designed towers for these crossings, with three river crossing towers in total. The highest of these structures reached an impressive 250 feet. These designs were not only essential for efficient transmission across the water bodies but also demanded intricate engineering due to their heights and positioning.

Moreover, ASEC’s involvement as the design engineering consultant for this project, which had an estimated value surpassing $500M, was expansive. Beyond the core design work, ASEC developed fabrication and construction specifications, set tower loading criteria, and oversaw the design of all suspension and river crossing structures. Some of these structures boasted heights of up to 460 feet and even featured walking platforms at various levels. ASEC also supervised the detailing of these structures, ensuring precision and adherence to specifications. Throughout the project duration, ASEC provided unwavering support, offering construction assistance, supervising fabrication fit-ups, and serving as the owner’s primary engineering consultant.