ASEC is currently providing full engineering, design, and detailing services for new 138kV Engineered Steel Pole and Lattice Tower Families. Utilizing the 2020 version of ASCE 74, ASEC developed a robust design criteria to incorporate special design requirements due to recent extreme weather events. ASEC created clearance line diagrams which were then utilized as the basis for the structure configuration. Point loads were developed utilizing PLS-CADD Lite and ASEC’s proprietary point load generator, which were then translated to load-tree drawings to provide to the steel vendors. Finally, the general arrangement drawings were created to include all details that would be utilized and required by a steel vendor.

To-date, ASEC has engineered and designed eight (8) Engineered Steel poles and eight (8) Lattice Towers for the 138kV Family. ASEC will be self-performing the tower detailing on all of the towers being designed. Additionally, ASEC is acting in an Owner’s Engineer capacity to support the coordination and review of steel vendor calculations and drawings for the Engineered Steel Poles.

ASEC is slated to provide the same support for the 345kV Family of Engineered Steel Poles and Lattice Towers. The designs for the 345kV families will also include designs to consider minimum approach distance clearance (MAD) to allow for hot line maintenance.