ASEC partnered with a client on a comprehensive 26-mile transmission line enhancement project. This endeavor primarily involved 17 miles of transmission line overhaul and reconstruction, complemented by an extension of 9 miles of optical ground wire (OPGW) fiber to the existing infrastructure. The project’s pivotal aspect was the transformation of the traditional H-frame line design to the more advanced delta-monopoles, reflecting a significant improvement in the infrastructure’s efficiency and design.

The client entrusted ASEC with the pivotal task of conducting right-of-way studies for their innovative 138kV and 345kV transmission towers and poles. These studies aimed to precisely determine the minimum land allocation necessary to meet safety clearances and regulatory requirements. ASEC’s thorough analysis delved into conductor specifications, tower design, insulator placement, and span lengths, ensuring that the transmission towers and poles were meticulously engineered to comply with the essential clearances. Leveraging their extensive experience in constructing transmission lines, the ASEC team also factored in maintenance and access road requirements when determining the minimum right-of-way. The comprehensive final report provided invaluable insights, empowering the client to make well-informed decisions regarding the most cost-effective and efficient approach to right-of-way acquisition for their new transmission tower projects. This collaboration stands as a testament to our collective dedication to excellence in the field of transmission line infrastructure.